8-Panel Drug Test

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Definition - What does 8-Panel Drug Test mean?

An 8-panel drug test is a standard drug screen procedure that entails the collection of a urine specimen to analyze for drug metabolites including amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). Drug testing is a policy guideline for many employers based on epidemic drug use of illicit and/or prescription drugs among applicants and/or employees.

SureHire explains 8-Panel Drug Test

According to the Department of Justice, the upsurge of drug abuse can lead to serious economic downturns with businesses, increasing drug-related injuries and/or fatalities. In some industries and occupations, a drug-free environment often dictates an applicant and/or employee’s candidacy to fill safety-sensitive positions that require the operation of heavy machinery and/or handling commercial vehicles (i.e. aircraft, buses, trucks). Urine testing is a preferable and economical method utilized by employers, covering the gamut of identifying both illicit and/or prescription drugs in the system.

However, the prevalence of adulterating or tampering with urine specimens allows companies to consider alternatives such as collecting oral and/or hair samples. Compared to urine testing, these two methods provide employers an extended window in helping to target suspected cases of persistent drug abusers. Although pre-employment drug testing is a general stipulation, many employers support random drug testing as a more viable solution in maintaining a drug-free culture.

Employers continue to develop, introduce, and regulate health and safety guidelines that prevent or limit growing trends in drug abuse. 8-panel drug tests can serve as a cost-effective measure to deter drug use while fostering morale, bolstering productivity and curtailing workplace liabilities.

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