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Definition - What does Absenteeism mean?

Absenteeism is the unexcused and unscheduled absence from duty by an employee. In the context of occupation health and safety in the workplace, absenteeism is the absence or habitual absences of an employee from their workplace without legitimate causes or excuse. Legitimate causes for absenteeism include personal illness and family issues.

SureHire explains Absenteeism

Unexcused absenteeism can be caused by factors such as poor work environment, lack of commitment by the employee to their job, mental health issues such as depression or marital problems, or substance abuse. Absenteeism in excess can lead to adverse operations in the company, lack of productivity, and ultimately lead to loss of profit for the business. A responsible absence policy is used by companies to establish the policies for absenteeism in order to protect the productivity of the company and the profits while still providing for the human needs of employees.

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