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Definition - What does Agility mean?

Agility is a term used to describe an individual's level of coordination and muscle control. Specifically, agility refers to a person's ability to start quickly, stop, or change the direction of their body's movement. Agility is one factor employers may consider when determining physical job requirements.

SureHire explains Agility

Agility is a measure of a person's ability to control their body's movement. Someone who is agile can navigate through obstacles quickly. Tests to determine agility often focus on a combination of the subject's balance, speed, strength, and coordination. Each of these components will contribute to an individual's overall agility. One's agility is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the body's nervous system at sensing and processing environmental input such as body location and interacting with objects in the environment.

The ability to manage sudden changes in direction or motion with agility can help prevent injury. Some jobs such as climbing, or working in confined spaces, may require more agility than others. When assessing the fitness of a worker for a particular job, agility is one of the factors that may be considered.

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