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Definition - What does Allergen Multi-Box mean?

An allergen multi-box, or multi-panel, refers to a clinical screening for allergies. It employs vials of concentrated solutions from different specimens within a designated category of potential allergens including foods, inhalants, and insect toxins, which are topically applied to the skin, usually along the forearm, for diagnostic analysis. The purpose of a multi-box allergen test is to identify hypersensitivity to the allergens based on the subject’s immunoglobulin E (antibody) response.

SureHire explains Allergen Multi-Box

An allergen multi-box, or multi-panel, relates to a clinical test that utilizes vials filled with certain antigens corresponding to randomized categories of possible allergens, which includes trees, insect toxins, foods, pet dander, molds, mites, and even chemical composites found in occupational settings. An allergen multi-box test is a general measure that involves application of vials to the skin in order to concentrate a non-specific reaction to an allergen of a classified species such as insect stings or pollen from trees. Therefore, if an allergen multi-box test confirms positive results to a classified allergen then further testing warrants isolation of the specific allergen responsible for the histamine reaction by using single allergen testing methods.

Allergy testing can be very important to employers to help ensure that sensitive employees are not being harmed by their work environment.

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