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Definition - What does American Society of Safety Engineers mean?

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is a professional organization representing occupational safety professionals. The organization promotes workplace health and safety through training, advocacy, standards development, and educational outreach. The ASSE publishes a monthly peer-reviewed journal, Professional Safety, and several workplace safety-related books and study guides, including The Safety Professionals Handbook and Accident Prevention Manual: Administration and Programs.The ASSE is also responsible for the production of many American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, crafted through a review and consensus process.

SureHire explains American Society of Safety Engineers

The ASSE has a worldwide membership of over 37,000 professionals from 80 different countries. ASSE's members work or study in the fields of occupational safety, health (OSH) and environmental safety. Key branches of occupational safety, health and environmental practices represented by the group are Food and Agribusiness, Health and Wellness, Human Resources, and Military.

Some fields of expertise encompassed by ASSE's advocacy include healthcare, manufacturing, risk management, transportation, ergonomics, and construction. Altogether, ASSE recognizes 19 practice specialties for member participation as well as several common interest groups.

The organization sponsors student groups, conferences, and advocacy efforts to further workplace health and safety across the globe. The association is headquartered in Park Ridge, Illinois and has served as an advocate and community for workplace health and safety professionals since its founding in 1911.

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