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Definition - What does Antibody Test mean?

An antibody test is a clinical procedure administered to individuals following a complete recovery from the COV1D-19 viral strain, noted by a cumulative buildup of antibodies via immune system response against invading antigens. A laboratory technician will draw a sample via finger prick or blood draw from the arm to determine if an individual meets the qualifying criteria after a fourteen-day lapse, allowing for sufficient antibody development.

SureHire explains Antibody Test

The medical dynamics associated with controlling the SARS-CoV-2 infection rates can often dovetail off antibody test types conducted alongside its precision ratio for gauging immunity against COVID-19 infection and, pending further evidence statistics, reinfection rate index. Many employers in Canada are vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure risks; secondary to antibody tests to determine current immunity, provincial jurisdictions conduct routine testing parameters (i.e., a daily screening tool) to detect recent infection on an ongoing basis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants antibody tests with proven accuracy rates bolstered by emerging data trends and continual research to maximize the difference against reported estimates of invalid antibody tests available on the market. While a positive test result generally indicates previous COVID-19 infection, antibody tests are subject to erroneous outcomes. It is vital to receive an antibody test beyond the fourteen-day dormancy period, figuring into the equation that a proportionate number of antibodies developed, marking the incubation stage following immunity to avoid false-negative scenarios. An antibody test can serve as a blanket approach in calculating the infection rate (per case) metrics.

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