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Definition - What does Aromatherapy mean?

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine approach that is based on the use of extracted natural oils and exposure to natural scents. It is used to bring about physical and emotional well-being by alleviating pain, reducing stress, and improving temperament. Aromatherapy is a non-invasive, gentle and natural form of therapy that treats the body holistically.

SureHire explains Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy makes use of scents to create desired bodily responses. Although far from the only method of scent dispersal, aromatherapy often uses essential oils as they are easier to transport than large quantities of raw substances. Essential oils can be obtained from natural elements like leaves and flowers, although not all plants can easily have oils extracted without chemical help. These oils can be combined with other natural ingredients such as mud, salt, and herbs. Essential oils must often be blended with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil. This dilutes the concentration and makes the oil safer to use on the body, although caution must still be taken and essential oils should only be used under the instruction of someone trained in safe use. There are many essential oils that can cause physical harm, and are actually poisonous, if used incorrectly, such as through ingestion.

While essential oils can be applied to the skin or to cloth
, it is essential to remember that in spite of current multi level marketing claims, aromatherapy is about the scent entering the body, and not the oils being absorbed into the skin or being ingested.

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