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Definition - What does Arthroscopy mean?

An arthroscopy is a technical procedure that involves diagnosing and treating orthopedic conditions affecting various joints in the body employing a miniaturized camera unit acting as a navigational guide coupled with minute surgical instruments used during operation. In medicine, arthroscopy is a common method practiced by doctors, using advanced equipment designed to probe throughout the structural integrity of the joint, allowing surgeons to visualize cartilage, ligaments, and surrounding bone tissue prior to executing non-invasive surgery, diminishing bleeding and pain as well as expediting recovery time.

SureHire explains Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy pertains to a medical procedure executed by an orthopedic surgeon, employing advanced technology in which a small incision is made in the patient’s skin followed by insertion of a miniaturized camera transmitting visual feed to a monitor combined with the proper instruments in order for a doctor to perform necessary operation. Arthroscopy is considered a minimally invasive technique and is sometimes undertaken on an outpatient basis, decreasing the recovery time required in comparison to open surgery.

Many workplace injuries affect joint functionality, whether it relates to prolonged and aggravated stress over time, abrupt sprains or wrenches caused by freak accidents, poor ergonomics, deficient training, or simply neglect to safety protocol, which can adversely impact long-term mobility in people. Arthroscopy serves as a follow up procedure after initial measures like X-rays and CT scans are implemented, demonstrating a more precise diagnosis of the affected site enabling doctors to provide effective treatment reducing discomfort and bolstering the healing process.

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