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Definition - What does Audiologist mean?

An audiologist is a certified and licensed clinician trained to assess, diagnose, identify, manage, and treat sensorineural and balance-coordination disorders, and to prescribe solutions and intervention techniques such as hearing protection aids and assistive listening devices. A thorough personal and medical history allows an audiologist to weigh suspected cases of hearing impairment or systemic balance dysfunction, charting progressive auditory/balance deficits following a battery of testing based on existing symptoms. 

SureHire explains Audiologist

An audiologist contributes to helping individuals maintain their hearing within normal auditory capacity ranges through the implementation of regular medical examinations, early diagnoses, rehabilitative therapy, and prescribed hearing devices to mediate the delivery of sound. In the healthcare field, an audiologist will often work with other healthcare professionals such as physicians, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists to help patients with auditory/balance issues. In the workplace, audiologists might launch initiatives to advance hearing conservation programs, champion awareness surrounding noise-induced hearing loss, and can help employees and employers create plans to address hearing impairment concerns.

An audiologist must meet extensive training requirements to practice their specialty, reinforced by federal and provincial/territorial statutes, handling demographic cases between children and adults with distinctive subsets of auditory and balance challenges.

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