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Definition - What does Barbituate mean?

Barbiturates are drugs that depress the central nervous system (CNS) based on the limited function of nerve cells to relay signals between pathways in the brain to cue the mind and body. Prolonged use of barbiturates can turn into an addiction based on the dosage worsened by a tolerance that exceeds the amount the body craves.

SureHire explains Barbituate

There are barbiturates under brand names that feature a half-life ratio or a set amount of time that the drug keeps its potency until the agent wears off through sustained use. Barbiturates fuel an enzyme known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that blocks the nerve cells to the same degree that the effects of alcohol cause to the body. A doctor must prescribe barbiturates that meet the plan of care treatment to compensate for doses that a patient may need to help with their symptoms.

The dangers of using barbiturates show an uptrend, with telltale signs marked by confusion, slurred speech, and slow motor reflex. Barbiturates fall under two classes such as injectable forms are classified as class A drugs. Oral and rectal forms are class B drugs. Optimal relief from barbiturates will hinge on frequent reviews by a doctor to adjust the dosage as needed to hedge concerns against its dependent nature. While many people can mask drug use in the workplace, barbiturate withdrawals can appear in symptoms such as poor coordination, speech deficits, unsteady gait, and lack of focus on tasks.

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