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Definition - What does Boxes and Containers mean?

Boxes and containers are those vessels used to store or temporarily house other items. Boxes or containers are also used to transport other items. Within the context of workplace health and safety, boxes can containers can present safety challenges for companies because boxes and containers must often be moved from place to place and therefore exposing employees to potential risks from physical injury. Because boxes and containers may vary in size, weight, and contents, care must be taken to create procedures that provide for the storage and movement of these vessels safely to avoid workplace injuries.

SureHire explains Boxes and Containers

In the workplace setting, improper storage or movement of boxes or containers can lead to accidents and injuries. The size, contents, and design of a box or container can affect how easily and safely it can be moved by employees.

In some instances, equipment may be necessary to move containers. For boxes and containers that will be manually lifted and moved, design features should be incorporated for safe and injury-free handling. Boxes should include cutouts for handholds or handles. Containers should be as light as possible and small enough that they cannot be overloaded with weighty contents. Shelving and stacking should be planned to permit employees to lift objects without bending or twisting. Employers should provide lift equipment and proper training to assure that employees are not injured while moving boxes or containers.

Boxes or containers that will hold potentially hazardous materials must be labeled as such and designed to contain such contents safely.

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