Breath Alcohol Technician

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Definition - What does Breath Alcohol Technician mean?

A breath alcohol technician (BAT) is a person that is certified to perform Department of Transportation standardized breath alcohol testing. A breath alcohol technician must be trained on how to operate a breath alcohol testing device (breathalyzer) in order to test individuals accurately. They must also be trained on how to follow the DOT regulation standardized procedures needed to get a person ready to be tested for breath alcohol.

SureHire explains Breath Alcohol Technician

A breath alcohol technician is someone that is trained and certified to administer a breath alcohol test using a standard breath alcohol device, called a breathalyzer. The technician is qualified through DOT regulations to perform the testing and read and interpret the results. A Breath alcohol technician is also trained on how to correctly calibrate the breathalyzer in the case where a confirmation test is required. A technician is also able to follow all testing protocol to ensure that the test is done properly and the results are accurate.

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