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Definition - What does Bursitis mean?

Bursitis is a generally painful inflammation of a bursa, a small, fluid-filled sac that are near joints of the body and work to cushion bones, muscles, and tendons during movement. Typically this condition is located within the large and frequently overused shoulder, hip, and elbow joints. The inflammation in the area can also cause reduced range of motion in addition to the pain.

SureHire explains Bursitis

Bursitis is considered an overuse condition, although there are other causes such as arthritis, injury, infection, and gout. Chronic overuse of a joint causes the bursae to respond by inducing an inflammatory response to protect the joint, which causes pain and irritation of the area. Bursitis generally is found in joints of the body that perform highly repetitive motions. This constant movement pattern causes irritation in the area which triggers bursitis. People that are employed in repetitive manual labor positions often suffer from bursitis at some point. Often, the condition can be treated with rest and over the counter pain medication but sometimes there are complications requiring physician involvement in treatment.

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