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Definition - What does CT Scan mean?

A CT scan is an acronym that refers to computerized tomography. It is a clinical process that uses X-rays to view body structures, such as blood vessels, bones, and soft connective tissues, from different angles. A low dose of radiation will produce a clear visual synched with biofeedback. A CT scan can help diagnose a disease or chart the prognosis of a repetitive strain injury on the job.

SureHire explains CT Scan

A CT scanner is a cylinder unit with a motorized table that a patient lies on and then retracts into a tunnel with X-ray detectors calibrated to take cross-sectional images. A beam of ionized particles discharged between revolutions of the X-ray tube will produce a series of X-ray images of the body part filtered through a CT scan. In some cases, a contrast dye is an agent used in a CT scan to enhance the resolution of the X-ray images based on the mass/density of the structure involved. For example, an oral, rectal, and injection(s) into the arm/vein can deflect X-rays from the organs/tissues to project an X-ray image. Respectively, this can include the esophagus/stomach, intestines, and blood vessels/urinary tract. The amount of radiation governs the level of transparency or how white an X-ray image will appear in a CT scan.

A test subject must remove loose items with a metal base (i.e., jewelry) that can modulate or change the quality of the CT scan input. This fact stems from metal having an equal polarity from the X-ray radiation, which can blur the CT scan image. A radiologist will pool the CT scan images through a database from which a doctor can review the outcome tailored to their patient's status.

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