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Definition - What does Carrier mean?

In immunoassay drug testing, a carrier is an immunogenic agent that, when bound to a hapten, causes the hapten to also take on the same immunogenic properties. In other words, a carrier is an agent that ensures that the sample produces a reaction with the immune system still present in the sample, and in particular with the antibodies of the immune system. The antibodies the reaction creates is identified by the drug test to confirm that a particular drug was present in a specific sample.

SureHire explains Carrier

In immunoassay drug testing, a carrier is a substance introduced to create an immune system response with the immune system agents still present in the submitted sample. It will react with the immune system, specifically with the antibodies of the immune system. The reaction allows the drug test to recognize the antibodies, and therefor the presence of a specific drug type. If the specific antibody identified is linked with the drug that is being screened for, above cut-off levels set by the laboratory, the test will return a positive result.

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