Cause of Action

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Definition - What does Cause of Action mean?

A cause of action is a set of circumstances or facts for which the law provides a remedy. It is a set of facts combined with the legal theory that provides redress creates a cause of action. A cause of action may also be referred to as a case or claim.

SureHire explains Cause of Action

A cause of action only exists if the facts upon which it is based give rise to a legal right to relief. A cause of action most often arises from a failure of someone to perform a legal duty, the violation or invasion of an individual?s rights, or a failure to perform a legal obligation. Breach of contract, unlawful arrest, violation of fiduciary duties, and personal injury are all examples of situations that might create one or more cause of action. The legal rights that trigger a cause of action may be defined by statute, regulation, constitutional law or common law.

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