Clearance Letter

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Definition - What does Clearance Letter mean?

A clearance letter is a notice that shows approval that the donor in question meets the standards that correlate with pre-access testing to permit a worker to enter a worksite to perform a job. The donor's name, date, specimen type (i.e., oral fluid, urine), and the drug testing method will appear on the clearance letter that ensures the worker complies with the pre-access test pending the outcome.

SureHire explains Clearance Letter

A pre-access test is synonymous with general contractors that outsource jobs at worksites where a clearance letter will feature a class or subclass of drugs based on a drug panel test needed to receive a pass for off-site work. The selected drug test panel will list the substances on the clearance letter based on the company's request when hiring a worker from a third-party referral. A database control system logs clearance letter entries that match the worker's test results to help deter identity fraud from workers who fail to meet the pre-access test standard.


For many industries, pre-access testing receives pushback from legal hitches where an employer cannot rely on inferred evidence to support a case of impairment at their worksite. A clearance letter can help mediate a potential safety risk when an employee must report off-site to perform a job after pre-access testing.


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