Coke Bugs

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Definition - What does Coke Bugs mean?

Coke bugs are a form of tactile hallucination experienced by some cocaine users. The user has the sensation of insects or parasites crawling in, on, or under the skin. They come to believe that their skin is infested with bugs and that they need to be treated for this condition in order to eliminate the sensation. Some addicts go so far as to cut themselves or claw large portions of their skin off in an attempt to get to the imaginary bugs.

SureHire explains Coke Bugs

Coke bugs are a type of substance-induced delusional parasitosis that is most typically brought about by the use of illegal drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine but can also occur in people who are taking certain prescription medications like stimulants. The sensation of crawling insects on or around the skin is called formication and can lead to itching and scratching. In some cases, this may also lead to a visual hallucination of bugs crawling on or beneath the skin. A person experiencing this condition may be scratching and picking at their skin a lot. It can also lead to frantic and self-harming behavior in a desperate attempt to stop the itch and remove the imaginary bugs.

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