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Definition - What does Company Culture mean?

Company culture refers to an established framework of guiding principles, covering the shared attributes, beliefs, and values that a particular organization holds. A strong company culture can help by attracting eligible candidates and retaining current employees inside the workplace. Internally, company culture represents a dynamic and holistic infrastructure oriented around the ethos of a particular company, blending individual talent with an engaged team structure.

SureHire explains Company Culture

For many employers, company culture is an overarching construct reflecting uniform work practices and business strategies to maximize output, dovetailing off a hierarchy of employee and management teamwork synonymous with efficiency and productivity. From a logistical perspective, individuals refer to company culture as a resource for learning information about career placement and advancement opportunities, serving as a mutual benefit to job prospects and employers. Many businesses capitalize on organic growth through an assimilated pool of diversity and inclusivity, tapping onboarding protocol alongside employee retention statistics focused around company culture values as the bedrock for streamlining industry-specific deliverables. Mounting evidence indicates a groundswell of demographics favoring employers that emphasize company culture and consider a positive company culture to be a strong priority.

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