Comprehensive Worksite Wellness Assessment

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Definition - What does Comprehensive Worksite Wellness Assessment mean?

A comprehensive wellness health assessment refers to an assessment or survey done at a worksite to determine the health needs and interest of a workplace population. A comprehensive wellness health assessment will refer to single health issues or will focus on a general set of issues that will work together to affect the entire workplace health situation.

SureHire explains Comprehensive Worksite Wellness Assessment

Employers can apply a comprehensive wellness health assessment to determine risk factors in the general health and safety of a particular working environment. Single health issues can focus on topics such as physical activity levels of individual employees; while general assessments will include topics related to nutrition, daily physical activity, tobacco or alcohol misuse, vaccination, physical examinations and other topics related to the overall workplace wellness. Furthermore, a wellness health assessment will also determine whether any current strategies or programs already implemented have promoted or enhanced the general workplace health setting.

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