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Definition - What does Creatine KinAse, Total mean?

Creatine kinAse, total, is a laboratory testing procedure that measures the amount of an enzyme called creatine kinase (CK), a vital protein secreted in the blood that regulates homeostatic functions and processes. Three different types of creatine kinase exist, corresponding to primary organ muscles including the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle tissue. A primary care physician collects a blood sample from a patient to evaluate creatine kinase levels, serving as a baseline criterion in confirming and monitoring the progressive course of a specific injury(s) and/or neuromuscular disease(s).

SureHire explains Creatine KinAse, Total

A creatine kinAse, total test helps to determine cellular health or damage focused on a target muscle often based on coinciding signs and symptoms to support medical findings. For example, an individual experiencing frequent chest pains lends evidence to suggest that a patient is a candidate for a heart attack. Women who suffer from episodes of debilitating muscle weakness and swelling can point to an autoimmune disease such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Many patients must undergo re-testing to chart the proportional volume of creatine kinase present in the blood for comparison between the normal range and abnormal readings.

Creatine kinAse, total can be a useful method for identifying the cause and extent of a muscle tissue injury and/or disease, in some cases, bolstered with additional testing modalities. Several different factors contribute to high creatine kinase levels such as alcohol consumption, strenuous exercise, and/or prescribed medications.

In the workplace, employee lifestyles and environmental circumstances carry epidemiological implications that can lead to potential neuromuscular health concerns. For instance, daily alcohol ingestion, obesity, and stress can result in cardiac failure or stroke based on poor behavioural habits and dietary choices, raising creatine kinase production to dangerous levels.

Employers who adopt a proactive strategy designed to promote health awareness focusing on areas such as proper nutrition, exercise programs, and stress management is beneficial. An approach that involves creatine kinAse, total tests can help determine if employees in the workplace and athletes in competitive sports meet normal range values, therefore avoiding possible injuries and/or preventing chronic muscle tissue disease(s).

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