Cyber Attack

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Definition - What does Cyber Attack mean?

A cyber attack is a breach of an information system calculated by a cybercriminal to hack data or files registered by a secure domain name system (DNS) hosted by multiple servers. Many cyber attacks occur as a form of ransom in which the victim must pay the damages or as a means to disrupt e-commerce infrastructure.

SureHire explains Cyber Attack

Many cyber attacks funnel into an effort to launch infectious software known as malware, which acts as a virus that can corrupt data endpoints on a mass scale through botnets. A group of hackers can coordinate the stream of data resources filtered through a botnet to spread a virus across a multi-server network. This tactic is among several types of cyber attacks relayed through a string of command prompts on Smart devices, mobile apps, and software programs. For example, phishing scams are a form of cyber fraud sent via email with an encoded link scored by the attacker as clickbait to compel its end user to respond. In other cases, a cyber attack can disrupt web-hosting externals through malware/ransomware with an email link primed to hack data and secure files.


A groundswell of new laws in Canada pivots off the need for sound business protocols that rely on data analytics to avoid cyber attacks in the workplace.

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