Defensive Driving

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Definition - What does Defensive Driving mean?

Defensive driving refers to the safe driving techniques that apply to motorists when operating a vehicle on public highways and roads by adopting and following state law regulations and procedures for personal conveyance and commercial transit. These safe driving techniques translate into a safe driving record, potentially lower insurance rates, and a safer driving culture.

SureHire explains Defensive Driving

Many components are integrated into defensive driving courses, highlighting pivotal factors that may dictate overall safety including driving under the influence (DUI), compounded stress, the momentum of force post-collision, and safety equipment (i.e., airbags, seatbelts). Additionally, crash prevention strategies advance instructional methods to limit or prevent the number of vehicular accidents that occur through otherwise avoidable defensive driving techniques such as minding ambient surroundings, maintaining safe distances between automobiles, and observing speeding laws. For employers, defensive driving serves as risk prevention against the upsurge of automotive accidents resulting in economic constraints due to high healthcare premiums and workers’ compensation claim costs.

Different industries and workplace environments contain varying degrees of risk; for example, operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) or commuting between worksites are legitimate contingencies for accidents to occur on the job, drawing on defensive driving skills to reduce liabilities. Employers must coordinate a safe driving culture among their workforce, incorporating defensive driving into the framework of health and safety guidelines for CMV operators, among other personnel where traveling is secondary to typical job requirements.

Defensive driving programs are useful for employers per statewide mandates underlining current traffic laws and violations via interactive technology (i.e., online courses), combined with an ingrained positive mindset, tempering the difference against injuries and fatalities on the job.

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