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Definition - What does Doffing mean?

Doffing, in the context of respirator fitting, is the task of removing the facepiece of a respirator from the face. Each manufacturer has set guidelines that explain how doffing works based on the type of respirator used. The doffing process requires the know-how to clean, handle, and dispose of different types of respirator(s) at a worksite.

SureHire explains Doffing

A company policy will outline the doffing process that coincides with the respirator model type. For example, N-95/dust masks, also called disposables, feature two straps by which the wearer removes the bottom strap around the neck, followed by the second strap from around the head until they clear the respirator. The party must keep their hands away from the facepiece material as it may host contaminants. The wearer will discard the N-95 dust mask and proceed to wash their hands.

If a wearer is doffing a half-mask model, they must loosen the straps and remove the device while the hands are free of contact with the cartridge/filter unit(s) to avoid exposure to contaminants. A protocol to sanitize, disinfect, and store the respirator until further use shows that the wearer can perform the correct doffing technique.

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