Environmental Audit

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Definition - What does Environmental Audit mean?

An environmental audit, in the context of workplace health promotion, is a review of the ways in which a specific worksite encourages and provides opportunities for healthy behaviors by the workforce. Various evaluation tools may be used by an employer to conduct an environmental audit, including checklists, assessments, and questionnaires. An environmental audit of a workplace with regard to health and wellness may also be referred to as a health culture audit.

SureHire explains Environmental Audit

When conducting an environmental audit for workplace health promotion, an employer may evaluate several different areas. Factors to be considered include the availability of nutritious foods and appropriate locations for fresh food preparation, the provision of smoke and tobacco-free areas throughout the workplace, employee accessibility to walking and exercise spaces, and facilities that support and encourage healthy behaviors such as showers and lactation rooms. The goal of the environmental audit is to identify whether the employer has successfully created a culture of health and wellness in a workplace.

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