Ethmoid Sinus

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Definition - What does Ethmoid Sinus mean?

The ethmoid sinuses are a pair of air pockets located along the ethmoid bone and between the eyes. Within the bone structure of the skull, there are several open cavities referred to as the sinuses. The large, frontal sinuses are located at the center of the face above the eye sockets. Below the eyes on either side of the nose are the maxillary sinuses. Between the eyes on either side of the bone that forms the bridge of the nose are the smaller ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses. These cavities are collectively referred to as the paranasal sinuses.

The ethmoid sinuses are also called ethmoidal air cells.

SureHire explains Ethmoid Sinus

The sinuses help the body filter air and produce mucus that moistens the nasal passages. The ethmoid sinuses are relatively small when compared to the sinuses situated above and below the eye sockets. When the sinuses become infected due to a cold or other illness, the condition is called sinusitis. In some instances, cancer may develop in the sinuses. Risk factors that can contribute to the development of ethmoid sinus cancer include exposure to chemical hazards such as chromium or nickel in the workplace.

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