Ethyl Sulfate

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Definition - What does Ethyl Sulfate mean?

Ethyl sulfate refers to a metabolite derived from ethanol, or consumable alcohol, that is filtered from the liver during molecular decomposition. Ethyl sulfate is a chemical byproduct deposited in urine, making its toxic nature detectable for several days following alcohol ingestion. Laboratory testing of ethyl sulfate in urine can be advantageous to employers who conduct alcohol screening as a safety measure for qualification because it can detect prior alcohol use after the alcohol would no longer be detected in breath testing.

SureHire explains Ethyl Sulfate

Ethyl sulfate describes a toxic compound that is created in the liver as alcohol is processed. It is then filtered into the urine for evacuation. Clinical testing demonstrates that this particular metabolite is identifiable up to several days following alcohol consumption. Lab technicians have introduced sophisticated technology such as liquid-chromatography-mass-spectrometry, or LC-MS, to assess and quantify traces of ethyl sulfate in urine to confirm if a patient has recently ingested alcohol. The reliability, and longer time frame from ingestion, of detecting ethyl sulfate in urine is a preferable mode of analysis, especially for employers, who coordinate alcohol screening to determine if candidates and current employees are fit to return to work or are in substance abuse programs are are to abstain from alcohol.

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