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Definition - What does Exposure Record mean?

An exposure record, within the context of workplace health, is an employee record that holds information, data, or measurements of employee exposure to hazardous materials on the work site. The documentation is part of compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for various industries in general, and more specifically for those with a higher risk of contaminants.

SureHire explains Exposure Record

OSHA guidelines for an exposure record call for complete information regarding the detection of hazards on the work site as well as comprehensive details of how employees are monitored for these hazards.

While employers have to maintain such documentation, employees have the right to access their records for their own safety and well being. Employees who work in hazardous environments can get this information from their employer directly or through a designated employee representative.

Working in high risk industries with contaminants, including physical and chemical agents, does not necessarily present immediate symptoms. Therefore, OSHA requires relevant documentation to be accessible for up to 30 years after creation.

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