Extension of the Neck

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Definition - What does Extension of the Neck mean?

Extension of the neck refers to tilting the head backwards until the chin is perpendicular to the ceiling, allowing a range of motion roughly between forty-five and seventy degrees. Neck extension is considered a practical exercise in terms of alleviating neck pain episodes in which antagonist muscles known as flexors, located deep within the frontal part of the neck, are targeted to increase joint flexibility and muscular resiliency However, improper neck extension can also put a worker at risk for injury so training in proper stretching and motion techniques should be considered.

SureHire explains Extension of the Neck

Extension of the neck relates to tilting the head backwards from a neutral position, raising the chin until it is vertical or pointing upward at the ceiling. This is a limited range of motion, usually performed between forty-five and seventy degrees, incorporating the antagonistic function of the neck flexors, which comprises the deep musculature located in the anterior (front) part of the neck. Extension of the neck exercises, when done properly, are considered widely to help treat common problems associated to degenerative disease like osteoarthritis, which can induce detrimental effects in terms of experiencing ongoing pain, stiffness, and limited mobility. Training in proper stretching and good ergonomic design of a work station can help ensure improper extension of the neck does not put a worker at risk for injury.

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