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Definition - What does Flexion mean?

Flexion is the movement or act of bending specific joints in the body (knee or elbow), so that the angle of the articulating bones attached to the joint decrease. Flexion also occurs in the spine where the angle of each joint between vertebrae in the spine decreases, and a combined effect of multiple vertebrae produces the movement of flexion.

SureHire explains Flexion

Flexion is the movement of a joint, like a knee or elbow, where the bones attached to the joint become closer to each other as the angle between them decreases. Bending the elbow where the hand comes closer to the shoulder would be considered flexion.

A common workplace injury related to flexion is caused by a sustained, static working position while the spine is flexed, or lifting in a flexed position. Performing a ergonomic assessment of an employee's work area and making modifications to ensure proper spinal position while working is the most effective way of preventing such injuries and reducing related costs.

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