Flow Spirometer

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Definition - What does Flow Spirometer mean?

A flow spirometer refers to an oral device that measures the expiratory force of the lungs following a deep inhalation of breath. The flow spirometer determines the relative health of the lungs by using a standardized color-coded system of green, yellow, and red indicators that provide comparative values based on the expulsion of breath from the lungs. Flow spirometers are routinely used for diagnosing asthma and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and consistently monitoring their severity either by patients themselves or by a qualified clinician.

SureHire explains Flow Spirometer

A flow spirometer is an oral device that assesses the expiratory flow rate or the force of air expelled from the lungs following a deep inhalation. After a person blows into the device, depending on force and speed of the air released from the lungs, a graduated indicator is pushed to one of three corresponding colors (green, yellow, and red), which provides a metrical analysis of relative lung capacity.

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