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Definition - What does Gripping / Grasping mean?

Gripping or grasping refers to the physical action of holding something in the hand. Specifically, the term refers to applying pressure to secure it between the fingers and the palm.

In vocational and employment settings, the terms gripping or grasping are used to indicate the physical demands of a particular job or capacities needed. For instance, a job that requires someone to pull a hand lever would indicate that once of the essentials physical abilities for the job was grasping. The ability to grip or grasp may be used as a qualifying factor for a job if they are essential for the performance of the job's tasks.

SureHire explains Gripping / Grasping

The terms gripping or grasping are used for preparing job descriptions and for evaluating individual's physical abilities. Some tasks requires a specific grip strength to perform. Thus, in addition to assessing a person's ability to grip and object, the strength of their grip may also be measured. An individual's performance when gripping and grasping is usually assessed as part of a physical abilities test (PAT).

A weak grasp detected during an assessment may indicate a physical or neurological impairment. An individual who has suffered an injury may have lost fine motor function in his or her fingers, limiting the ability of the person to grip and object. During a physical assessment, a person's gripping strength, flexibility, and range of motion will be evaluated. Each of these factors contributes to the individual's ability to perform functions that require him or her to grip or grasp objects.

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