Habitual Violator

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Definition - What does Habitual Violator mean?

A habitual violator is a person who has committed a number of criminal offenses within a given period of time. This term has been applied to a variety of crimes, regardless of the severity. A person could be considered a habitual violator for repeated speeding tickets or for repeated burglaries. In many locations it is used interchangeably with habitual offender. However, it is becoming more common for habitual violator to apply specifically to traffic offenses only. People who are habitual violators may be disqualified for certain jobs and positions by law.

SureHire explains Habitual Violator

Habitual violators, within the context of traffic violations, are of particular concern to employers that need employees to drive during work hours. Habitual violators are high risk drivers with regards to insurance and may put an employer at risk for lawsuits if they knowingly hire a habitual violator to drive a company vehicle. Habitual violators may fall under any specific traffic violation, including DUI, hit and run, street racing, fake driver's license, and driving with a suspended driver's license.

The exact definition of what qualifies as a habitual violator varies from location to location (sometimes with various definitions within different municipalities in the same state) and it is not recognized as a legal category in all locations yet.

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