Health Risk Assessment

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Definition - What does Health Risk Assessment mean?

A health risk assessment (HRA) is a systematic approach to gathering information from individuals that determines health risk factors, collects feedback, and provides individual health promotion interventions. The health risk assessment is usually composed of three elements - a detailed questionnaire, a risk score, and some form of feedback from the individuals assessed. A health risk appraisal is the tool used to collect this data from individuals but a health risk assessment refers to the overall process.

SureHire explains Health Risk Assessment

Once a company or organization completes the health risk assessment procedure, a report is delivered with all detailed information on their health rating score. This report is often broken down into sub-scores, or areas, such as stress, nutrition, and fitness. The report provides recommendations on how employees can reduce their health risks through changes in lifestyle.

Health risk asesssment reports for organizations also include demographic data of the participants, determine health risk areas, and generally consider cost projections and savings for increased health programs, absenteeism, and productivity.

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