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Definition - What does Herbalist mean?

An herbalist is an alternative medicine practitioner that specializes in the use of plants for medicinal purposes. Based on the relationship between plants and people, a herbalist makes use of plants and specific plant parts to treat and prevent health issues. An herbalist works to optimize health using a holistic approach to healing the body. An herbalist can also be called an herbal practitioner.

SureHire explains Herbalist

Through knowledge and informed experimentation, herbalists can recommend particular herbs for the treatment of specific ailments. The herbalist typically explores the patient's personal health background as well as lifestyle and food choices to aid in applying the appropriate treatment.

Herbalists are sometimes referred to as naturopaths, medicine makers, and healers. They can practice as health care providers or as consultants. There are two main types of herbalist. One being the traditional herbalist who practices based on scientific information, historical information, or tradition and may or may not have undergone informal or formal training. The other being the medical herbalist who receives formal training and is given a formal accreditation or title.

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