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Definition - What does Job Rotation mean?

Job rotation in the workplace is a method of job design and management that involves shifting employees between jobs over a short period of time. The goal of job rotation is to permit employees to perform a variety of tasks within a workplace. The jobs included in an employee’s rotation need not be related and may be used to further the employee’s individual knowledge and skill base. Job rotation is a useful method to cross-train employees and to demonstrate how their work impacts the work of others in the workplace.

SureHire explains Job Rotation

Job rotation may take place over the course of a day or for a longer period of time. Some jobs may require a longer time to learn and thus cannot be included in a rotation unless allowances are made for a slow down in the work processes. The execution of a job rotation system should be planned ahead and then monitored.

If properly utilized, a job rotation plan can increase employee job satisfaction by reducing the monotony of repetitive work. Job rotation can also assist an employer in assuring that back up employees are available to fill critical jobs in the event of the primary employee leaving work for any reason. A job rotation program also allows employers to test employees in different jobs to find the best employee-job fit. Job rotation is sometimes used as a method to introduce new hires to the entire workplace.

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