Lateral Epicondylitis

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Definition - What does Lateral Epicondylitis mean?

Lateral epicondylitis, also called tennis elbow, is a health condition by which the tendons along the outer elbow that connect the forearm muscles to the humerus (upper arm) become inflamed or sore due to repeated stress or overuse. A direct blow to the tendons can also serve as a culprit for tennis elbow. There are stages of pain that can begin in the forearm/outer elbow and radiate into the wrist.

SureHire explains Lateral Epicondylitis

A doctor will look at different factors that play into the equation of a case of lateral epicondylitis. Jobs that involve manipulating object(s) (i.e., twisting) can cause tennis elbow as one example. Since it is not limited to athletes, daily activities and a medical history backed by a possible X-ray will dismiss or support tennis elbow as the source of chronic pain. The tendons connecting the forearm to the outer (lateral) elbow serve as a coupling point between the muscles and the elbow joint. When the tendons fray or tear, the load-bearing displacement becomes harder to complete tasks. As a result, people are likely to notice fine motor skills (i.e., grasping/gripping) and gross motor skills (i.e., lifting) worsen with pain.

The lateral epicondyle is the bony bump along the outer elbow where many people report pain sensitivity. A plan of care tailored to the patient's recovery needs is often consistent with the rate of progression. In some cases, symptoms of lateral epicondylitis can heal on their own in a short time. However, some people may require long-term therapy to track the course of symptoms. Physical therapy, light work duties, and regular stretches can help the tendons heal. Also, a brace worn around the forearm below the elbow can help temper the leverage from repeated forces/strain placed on the tendons in a case of lateral epicondylitis.

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