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Definition - What does Magnesium mean?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that provides neurological, physiological, and psychological health benefits to organic systems in the body. Musculoskeletal tissue comprises a huge portion of magnesium absorption and use, working interdependently with calcium in promoting bone density, cardiac bioelectricity, metabolic functionality, and preventing arterial calcification. Ample magnesium intake can deter cardiovascular conditions such as coronary heart failure (CHF) and hypertension, in addition to minimizing the risk of diabetes or kidney failure.

SureHire explains Magnesium

A diet with proper nutrition is conducive to obtaining the recommended daily amount of magnesium coupled with other fundamental minerals and vitamins to promote longevity. A magnesium deficiency can arise from different factors including poor diet, environmental stressors and prescription medications directly interfering with the body’s biochemical capacity to metabolize and regulate necessary enzymes. Common symptoms linked to magnesium depletion include appetite loss, lethargy, muscle cramps, mood swings, nausea/vomiting, heightened anxiety, and irregular heart rate.

For many individuals, an inadequate supply of magnesium can compromise aspects of personal and job-related duties and responsibilities. The workplace often contributes to stressful conditions, leading to anxiety that causes the body to respond with a metabolic drain of its magnesium reserves. It is for this reason that people can experience debilitating physiological and psychological symptoms such as general fear and nervousness, irritability, breathing difficulties, accelerated heart rate, and profuse sweating.

Some medications can neutralize the healthful effects of magnesium while over-the-counter dietary supplements provide little medicinal value. Lifestyle changes that involve consuming a magnesium-rich diet, consistent exercise, and reducing and/or eliminating alcohol, caffeine, and high caloric items can help regulate magnesium levels.

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