Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT)

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Definition - What does Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) mean?

Mandatory entry-level training (MELT) is a standardized training program for prospective job candidates to qualify in receiving a class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) to become a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operator inside a trucking fleet outfit. An accredited institute recognized by the Ministry of Education benchmarks the MELT program in regulating in-house training methods, priming individuals to meet the curriculum (103.5 hours), and hands-on learning application.

SureHire explains Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT)

In recent years, the trucking industry is gaining a foothold with career potential that builds on limited or no previous experience where crucial factors such as job security, competitive pay scale, and flexible work schedules are incentives. However, entry-level positions as CMV operators carried a history of lax protocol measures to streamline the hiring process via selective engagement of trainees that meet the criteria for a CMV position following the introduction of the MELT program. The trucking industry establishes certification/recertification guidelines stipulated by the MELT program including upgrading from a restricted class A designation status, valid license renewal (3 years or longer), and drivers operating between provincial/international borders to retain licensure.

The MELT format adheres to strict parameters for individuals to qualify for a class A license, undertaking basic driving techniques, adopting safe driving habits, maintaining/securing freight and haulage, staying abreast with regulatory provisions, and handling emergencies. The upswell of CMV operators across Canada is a mainstay by MELT-based programs available from credentialed institutions making progressive strides against former training deficiencies where job opportunities continue to flourish organically throughout the transportation industry.

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