Manual Material Handling

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Definition - What does Manual Material Handling mean?

Manual material handling (MMH) is the process of moving and handling objects through a series of biomechanical functions including carrying, holding, lifting, pulling, pushing, and stooping on a regular basis. Many industries and occupations entail rigorous physical demands that contribute to the onset of musculoskeletal diseases. Employers are obligated to establish and maintain safe work habits that prevent or limit accidents often causing injuries.

SureHire explains Manual Material Handling

The safety of a workplace environment can be dictated by viable measures designed to identify perceivable hazards coupled with an ergonomic control strategy to avoid unpredictable health risks. Manual material handling is an essential aspect related to many job roles, but when employees fail to follow proper technique, negligence can ensue. As a result, employers are faced with medical liabilities where musculoskeletal conditions in employees cause an economic downturn with high healthcare costs and productivity setbacks.

Employees are required to handle and convey bulky and cumbersome containers or receptacles while demonstrating the ability to safely maneuver distinct platforms and surfaces. In many instances, hazards exist from lack of poor maintenance control where falling objects, slippery or wet surfaces, and residual debris on the ground poses dangerous environmental conditions. Improper lifting technique is a leading culprit for work-related musculoskeletal conditions that affect the back, neck, and shoulders.

While mechanical equipment can substitute manual material handling procedures, employees who lack necessary education and training to demonstrate proficiency can slow operations. Ergonomic control systems that target workplace hazards followed by proposals to avoid or remove them as a precautionary measure can bolster company efficiency, in turn, improving its bottom line.

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