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Definition - What does Means of Escape mean?

A means of escape is any point of discharge such as an exit door, fire escape, or accessible windows that allow employees to evacuate a building or premises during an immediate danger or hazard, for example, a fire or explosion. Exit routes are key design features incorporated into a building schematic, availing a free path from the interior workspace and its connecting exterior safety areas.

SureHire explains Means of Escape

Depending on the number of employee staff, building dimensions, and architectural layout, a means of escape must proportionally accommodate a controlled discharge of personnel where a fire outbreak or other source of danger is life-threatening. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) dictates that a minimum of two exit routes serves as the criterion, or in some cases, additional emergency routes to expedite a fluid, safe discharge. An exit route alternative involves three components including exit access, exit, and the exit discharge, respectively designated by placards/signage for leading traffic to a marked exit fitted with a door unit to facilitate evacuation procedures.

A fire risk assessment is a standard method used to determine the hazard-safety ratio when factoring in the systematic protocol for employees and other occupants to depart from a building without incurring injuries. OSHA-based guidelines illustrate that primary exit routes should cover a distance that is far apart, serving as a precaution against fire/smoke occluding one passage, independent of auxiliary means of escape detours. Building code regulations highlight travel distance as the allotted interval necessary to reach an exit route while, concurrently, integrating fire alarm systems among other preventatives from accidents or catastrophes that may occur.

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