Needs Assessment

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Definition - What does Needs Assessment mean?

Needs assessment, within the context of workplace health and safety, refers to employer standards of job performance and whether or not employees are capable of effectively meeting those standards based on an evaluative criteria. It also entails the employer asking employees what they need to better live up to those standards. Employers apply this method as a useful means to examine differences of job performance in terms of existing strategies while, potentially, introducing alternative measures to leverage optimum results.

SureHire explains Needs Assessment

A needs assessment refers to company standards that define certain expectations, objectives, requirements, and strategies used by employers to coordinate satisfactory job performance from employees. Companies establish a benchmark in which specific variables related to job performance are considered including competency, efficiency, and motivation. Employers use these determining factors to assist employees with better training techniques that will, in turn, benefit the company on the whole. Employers must also gain feedback from employees as to what training and accomodations are needed. Needs assessment is important because it fosters positive reinforcement between employers and employees alike who represent the makeup of the company. A complete understanding of job demands and employee needs also helps to ensure worksite safety.

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