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Definition - What does Negative Dilute Drug Test Result mean?

A negative dilute drug test result refers to a urine specimen showing low concentration of creatinine in the urine caused by excessive fluid intake combined with specific gravity factors. As a result, this reduces the detection of drug metabolites in the body. A negative dilute drug test can be either accidental or intentional depending on whether an individual drinks large amounts of fluid for health reasons or to simply avoid a positive drug test result. DOT-regulated companies and non-DOT-regulated companies follow a sets of guidelines to validate drug test results and whether or not dilute negative results are accepted or grounds for retesting.

SureHire explains Negative Dilute Drug Test Result

Negative dilute drug test results do not mean a positive test result, but may require retesting. A regulated program, which encompasses federal employees and DOT-safety positions abides to a strict criteria in handling negative dilute drug test results. For example, when a specimen’s creatinine levels fall within the standard range of a negative dilute, company policy dictates whether the company will accept the result as is or perform a second collection per MRO instructions. Applicants who undergo re-collection of urine specimens are given minimal notice in advance, in hopes of preventing further false negatives due to potential tampering. In addition, applicants who refuse to submit to a second collection are treated as a positive result or refusal to test.

Non-DOT regulated companies may follow a less rigid protocol leaving matters to employer discretion, but without an effective policy in place it can raise safety issues. Re-testing is a viable option when different factors like large consumption of fluids and even predisposition to certain health conditions impacts creatinine levels.

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