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Definition - What does Negative Result mean?

A negative result, within the context of drug testing, is a result reported by a certifiedlaboratory to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) when a valid specimen is found to have no drugs in it, or when the drug concentration is lower than the cutoff concentration for the specific drug being tested.

SureHire explains Negative Result

Results from laboratory tests can be negative, positive, or inconclusive. In the particular case of a negative result, it means that the substance that is being tested, was not found, or that it was found in an amount that it is considered to be normal or acceptable. So laboratory tests aim to find or detect particular substances contained in a specimen, and also the concentration of this substance in the specimen, if it is present at all.

For example, if a worker has been tested for drugs in a laboratory test, a negative result indicates that the worker does not have this drug in his/her system, or that the amount of drugs in his/her system is considered to be normal or accepted.

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