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Definition - What does Newton-Meter mean?

Newton-meter refers to a systematic formula that measures torque, also called moment, which is a metric value for quantifying the cumulative force (newtons) in proportion to the distance (meters) necessary to execute rotational momentum against a point of axis. Following Newton’s Third Law, torque represents the equilibrium between two opposing forces, for example, maintaining a firm grip on a power tool that radiates vibrations in the hand/wrist joint.

SureHire explains Newton-Meter

Many industrial fields require employees to handle mechanical equipment featuring pneumatic components that can deliver pressurized units of force to expedite otherwise manual tasks that, concurrently, use more leverage. Newton-meters can serve as a benchmark in assessing the ergonomic soundness of both a workstation and its complementary tools that prove crucial factors to the health effects of torque exposure over a given time. Incidentally, many companies and manufacturers are advancing ongoing research surrounding the biomechanical impact on the body where job demands often carry extended periods of torque action, leading to significant musculoskeletal injuries.

According to the Occupational Safety Act in 1970, employers are legally responsible to ensure their workplace is free of environmental hazards as a means to deter accidents and injuries, in turn, sidestepping liabilities that can undermine the bottom line. Many variables can influence the relative torque an individual experiences including, duration, frequency, and weight displacement through physical exertion (i.e., carrying heavy objects), which plays into rotational inertia, or recurring motion patterns, inducing repetitive strain injuries. An ergonomic approach that utilizes industrial tool attachments designed to mitigate the torque action can help buffer the shock to the extremities coupled with correct posture and stances to temper spatial distribution of vibrations throughout the body.

Newton-meter represents a valid criterion in ergonomic solutions via mechanical assemblages to standardized equipment, promoting a health and safety climate against potential accident and injury liabilities.

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