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Definition - What does On-the-Job Evaluation mean?

An on-the-job evaluation is a method used in vocational rehabilitation and workforce development. An on-the-job evaluation takes place at the physical worksite, not a simulated environment. During the evaluation the individual being assessed with be observed to determine how well or he or she performs the essential tasks of the job.

An on-the-job evaluation is usually conducted over a pre-determined period of time. Often this evaluation is a precursor to receiving a job offer. The purpose of the assessment is to determine if the individual is prepared and able to consistently perform in the workplace setting.

SureHire explains On-the-Job Evaluation

On-the-job evaluations are often a final step in a vocational rehabilitation program, following skills and other ready for work training. Sometimes, on-the-job evaluations take place in a sheltered work setting under the supervision of vocational specialists, particularly when certain safety concerns are an issue where a mistake could endanger other workers. Other times the evaluations may occur at a specific worksite under the supervision of the employer or a vocational coach.

On-the-job evaluations assist vocational specialists in finding the best fit for workers who may have physical or mental impairments. These assessments may also be used to ensure that an employee returning to work after an injury can perform the necessary tasks of his or her job.

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