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Definition - What does Opt Out mean?

Opt out refers to the right of a consumer in certain circumstances to choose to have their name or other information removed from a marketing or other compiled list. In particular, consumers may opt out of receiving so-called prequalified or preapproved credit and insurance offers by registering their name with the Federal Trade Commission or each of the major credit reporting agencies. Consumers can also opt out from receiving unsolicited phone calls by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry.

SureHire explains Opt Out

Credit card and insurance companies often purchase lists of consumers from credit reporting agencies and then use those lists for marketing purposes. These preapproved or prescreened offers are made to consumers who meet the company's minimum criteria. The names of qualifying consumers are discovered through information provided by the credit reporting agency. To avoid receipt of these offers, a consumer may opt out. Two opt out options are available to avoid credit card and insurance solicitations, a five-year block on the receipt of unsolicited offers and a permanent one. In addition to the opt out channels offered by the Federal Trade Commission, most states and some industry organizations, such as the Digital Marketing Association, provide methods for consumers to opt out of unwanted sales solicitations.

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