Overnight Sleep Study

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Definition - What does Overnight Sleep Study mean?

An overnight sleep study, also called polysomnogram testing, is a thorough medical examination that involves analyzing, monitoring, and recording biorhythms associated with a standard sleep cycle. Patients who are candidates for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea arrive at a sleep study center where a trained technologist administers testing procedures. Topical electrodes are applied to the body, providing electronic feedback about biological and physiological responses including brainwave activity, heart rate, respiratory function, and unconscious movements.

SureHire explains Overnight Sleep Study

Sleep disorders is a common and prevalent concern that can cause significant health issues, interfering with personal and work-related responsibilities. For instance, sleep apnea affects a broad number of people, characterized by sporadic episodes of shortness of breath and snoring during the night due to a collapsed airway obstructing normal breathing patterns. Overnight sleep studies can provide exhaustive measurements that identify disruptive sleeping habits throughout each phase of the sleep cycle. Depending on the quality of rest experienced by the subject, overnight sleep study test results can serve as a definitive guide in diagnosing a particular sleep disorder.

Research indicates that individuals with sleep apnea problems are more susceptible to accidents and/or incidents noted by a marked decline in concentration, impaired cognition, and daytime drowsiness. Companies that incorporate sleep apnea testing as a health and safety policy measure for employees to follow can lower risk exposure to injuries.

This initiative can help avoid potential liabilities that carries economic downturns such as high healthcare costs, decreased labor force, and reduced productivity.

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