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Definition - What does Pedometer mean?

A pedometer is a device that measures a person's steps. These small, portable devices are worn by an individual and used to help the individual assess their activity level.

Pedometer mechanisms vary. Pedometers which include an accelerometer determine a person's step count by measuring the electrical charge generated by the wearer's motion. Spring-loaded pedometers rely on a lever that ticks as a step each time it is moved up or down in response to the wearer's motion.

A modern twist on the traditional pedometer is a step-counting app which uses smart phone technology to keep track of the user's motion.

A pedometer may also be called a step counter.

SureHire explains Pedometer

Pedometers are an easy to use tool that help people achieve their wellness goals. These simple, wearable devices increase the wearer's awareness of their daily activity levels. Health care professionals often recommend that individuals take 10,000 steps each day in order to achieve their fitness goals.

Research indicates that pedometers vary in their accuracy — some devices may not deliver an exact count of every step. Additionally, the results reported from day to day may not be comparable if the device has not been worn in the same position. For example, the measurements taken by a vertical acceleration device may differ if the pedometer is worn on the wrist one day and the ankle the next.

However, even without an exact count, a pedometer can provide the individual wearer with important, real-time feedback. This information may prompt the wearer to increase their daily activities level and thus enhance their overall wellness.

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