Personnel Training and Evaluation Records

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Definition - What does Personnel Training and Evaluation Records mean?

Personnel training and evaluation records, withing the context of spirometry, are documentation of personnel meeting occupational health and safety administration (OSHA) standard qualifications and requirements. The OSHA required qualifications are meant to ensure spirometry technicians have the necessary knowledge and skills to administer proper lung function testing to patients. These records indicate a technician’s competency by illustrating understanding of technical principles reinforced by completion of appropriate courses and refresher courses conducted at various intervals to maintain accurate and valid output.

SureHire explains Personnel Training and Evaluation Records

Personnel training and evaluation records are computerized information that documents technician proficiency is up to par with current applications and protocol regulations according to OSHA standards. These records provide instructional tenets designed to impart recent knowledge to the technician about innovative technologies and formalities in conjunction with reeducating the practitioner on existing procedures.

Also, the records demonstrate feedback in direct response to a technician’s ability to satisfy the necessary requirements to perform lung function testing encompassing variables, such as calibration checks, hygiene, quality control assessment, and essential comprehension of physiological and pathological functionality of the lungs. Since modalities in the medical field are always evolving, technicians undergo course and refresher course training to complement their knowledge base in order to stay abreast with updated programs and changes to the best practices procedures of the spirometry field.

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